Step 1 – Choose the type of luminaire
and the dome

We offer more than 50 different luminaire models, suitable for any private or public space, from ceiling and pendant lamps to table and floor lamps.

Step 2 – Choose the color of the luminaire’s outer dome

We offer 17 different color variants for linen luminaires, from which you can choose the one you like best. Our technology allows us to be flexible with linen colors, so we can also offer alternative shades and printing. For technical Button X luminaires, it is possible to choose a finishing material – wood or metal.

Step 3 – Choose the color of the luminaire’s inner dome

For most LaLampa linen luminaires, you can choose the color of both the outside and inside of the dome. In the standard version, choosing a white interior color, it will be made of white plastic. For an additional price, you can choose one of 17 linen color variations, and the inside will be made of this linen.

Step 4 – Choose the color of the cord

The luminaire cord is an essential element of the interior. We usually want to hide them but we offer to fully adapt them to the interior. Choose between five different colors and create a luminaire as you like.

Step 5 – Choose the size and number of bulbs

For individual luminaires we offer you to choose the luminaire size and the number of bulbs. The most flexible luminaires in terms of size are the CYOD series Cylinder, Cube and Cones models. They can be made up to 1000 mm in diameter.

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