Jāņa Daliņa Stadium

Just recently nished – bright and shiny – J. Daliņa stadium is ready for all of those practicing and enjoying sports to nally take a full run in the light again!

These large scale cones made of Baltic linen which is especially nished to be dirt repelling were made custom order for the stadium realizing the vision of architects at Ivara Šļivkas Birojs to ll the rooms with bright enough yet subtle lighting.

In collaboration with Lucidus Group

We are proud to offer the highest quality standards and see satisfied customers in the end of such inspiring collaborations. In short, the “create your own lampshade” idea means that LaLampa customers can choose size dimension, color of high quality linen we offer or even bring their own materials and create the lampshade of their desire together with us.

The design and nish is fully done by LaLampa team e ortlessly and with ease. In collaboration with Lucidus Group realizing the project to the end.

All – nish to end – LaLampa team stayed in tune to assist with transportation and installation of lights. Happy to be part of a good cause, we love to stay sporty these days!

Some facts about the stadium: Jānis Daliņš Stadium has received World Athletics certi cate. The total cost of the reconstruction is approximately 21,000,000 EUR. Everything is available on site – accommodation, meals, training, leisure.
Around the stadium there is a treadmill about 730m long.

We would love to help YOU with your custom project no matter what scale!