Living Room Lighting

Jana Dulevska is an inspiring woman, seen in many Latvian TV shows, movies, and events. She’s a true entertainer, always radiating confidence and positivity.
We were delighted when Ms. Dulevska chose our Tripod Plywood floor lamp and Button 1 pendant luminaire to complement her living room interior design.
When it comes to style and design, Ms. Dulevska prefers a minimal and Scandinavian ambiance in her home. She admits that the ascetic style, natural soft tones, and linen feel soothe and inspire her. Apart from that, the lamps in natural tones fit wonderfully into her renovated mansion from the 1930s.

Tripod Plywood un Button 1

The Tripod Plywood floor lamp is essentially a sculpture where traditions meet modern vibes. It has strictly defined lines, formed by the plywood legs and the cylindrical lighting body. Button 1 is a large circular pendant lamp. The design of the luminaire resembles a colossal button, which conveniently leans over the room. The finest Baltic linen covers both luminaires’ body, and they complement each other, lighting up the whole room in peace and style.
We think the lamp tones Jana chose for her living room are a match made in luminaire heaven.