Office design lighting

The DUAL Architects office building is located in one of Riga’s historically most cultural part – Āgenskalns. The charm of numerous green parks and century-old buildings tempt tourists, artists, and influencers to enjoy the bohemian feel. The nearby Kalnciema District, with its open-air cafes and concerts, is the center of attention during summer. Architects being the minds and eyes behind many public, private, and apartment building developers, we knew that the lighting must complement the DUAL Architect office. Not to forget, it should match a place where creativity meets traditions. Together with LaLampa’s designers, DUAL Architects created their lamp designs from our catalog. As architect’s eyes need sufficient light daily, we re-designed our best-seller Button 1 pendant lamp, including five light bulbs for a brighter view on plans. Now we know where to find architects with the brightest view.

Button 1 (CYOD)

This custom-made Button 1 is a large circular pendant lamp. The design of the luminaire resembles a colossal button, which conveniently leans over the room. The lamp design combines white Baltic linen and organic glass, completed by a metallic button in the middle. All lamps hang over the desks, radiating bright light from the integrated five light bulbs. Button 1 offers sufficient light and classic minimal touch to this office space.