Office design lighting

The brand L’Oréal doesn’t need much introduction. Their brands, products, and global identity speak for themselves. L’Oreal is the world’s leading cosmetics company with more than 60 thousand employees worldwide working with more than 23 international brands. For us, it was quite challenging to plan the lighting solution for L’Oréal Baltic Headquarters in Riga with 50+ employees. Our goal was to inspire the L’Oréal employees to create top results while not forgetting about brand identity. Together with our designers, L’Oreal chose the Button 1 and Cylinder models for their office interior. These colossal luminaires match the modern yet ascetic office interior. The natural tones complement each other, creating a professional and relaxed feel.

Button 1 & Cylinder (CYOD)

L’Oréal Baltic chose a custom-made Cylinder with three bulbs and the classic Button 1 for their office interior. Thanks to its universal design and many adjustment possibilities, Button 1 is one of our best-selling lights. Both lamp designs unite the highest quality Baltic linen, clean lines, and natural fabric tones. All lamps radiate bright light and offer sufficient light and classic minimal touch to this office space.