Premium apartment lighting

The premium apartments project is located in a scenic location in the Pardaugava district, Riga, next to the forest, just a 10-minute drive from the city center. Historically, Bišumuiža was a location where wealthy Riga inhabitants used to live. Bišumuiža offers a low-rise building’s benefits – there are only 14 apartments in each building. Constructive building elements, high-quality triple-glass windows, combined with an efficient heating system and heat meters, provide a tremendous energy and sound insulation. Honoring the historic charm that comes with the location, we took care of the apartments’ lighting solution. Bišumuiža designers chose LaLampa models Saphir, Diamond, Bunch, and Button 1 as the primary and secondary lighting. These LaLampa models work well with other lamps, as well as a standalone room lighting solution.

Saphir & Diamond & Bunch & Button 1

Bišumuiža designers chose several LaLampa models for apartment interior design. With its clean lines, timeless materials, and chic look Saphir is one of our best-selling luminaires. Another timeless classic is Button 1 – a large circular pendant lamp. The design of the luminaire resembles a colossal button conveniently leaning over the room. Bunch is a versatile and modern luminaire solution. This lamp will spread a playful yet sophisticated ambiance in the apartment. Diamond’s abstract square design provides evenly distributed light throughout the room. The Diamond lamp will be an elegant accessory for any room and decoration. We all know it is difficult to make mistakes with diamonds.