Multi-Apartment Building

Tuvidi is a new multi-apartment building in the Baloži suburbs. Modern and well-thought-out two- and three-room apartments for couples, families with children, and all who wish to live closer to nature and at the same time be only a 20-minute drive from Riga city center. The project includes two neighboring apartment buildings surrounded by a lush pine forest, where one can go on strolls in nature, let their pets run free, and find forest fruits. Tuvidi apartments are a representation of the location, residents, and modern living. Significantly, we chose our CYOD design lamp Cone to match the nearby pine woods and the light and cozy interior.

Cone (CYOD)

Tuvidi designers chose a custom-made solution for their apartments. Our Cone’s geometric shape gives it the ability to blend with any selected color palette. The bulb will light up the lamp’s linen texture, creating a pleasant atmosphere all around the room. Each apartment has a unique set of tones, and we helped adjust the colors of the luminaires to match the apartment.