State-of-Art Workspace Lighting

People Work is a state-of-the-art workspace. Located in the very center of Riga, their goal is to create a better way of working. People Work provide entrepreneurs a creative environment that fosters innovation. This co-working place truly is a people’s place. There’s no need to think about bills, service providers, and other issues that otherwise distract you from work. People Work offers you so much more than an office — it is a place where bright ideas and innovative solutions are born. We assisted our client in choosing a suitable lighting design. Now, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small companies can enjoy a cup of coffee under custom CYOD lamps with text. The vast office space features many popular LaLampa models and completes the open office’s contemporary and chic design.

Custom-made CYOD with text

People Work chose several custom-made CYOD solutions for the entire workspace. A CYOD Cone with a custom print adds the cafe zone a playful touch. Its universal design and clean lines smoothly blend with People Work chosen color palette. The bulb lights up the lamp’s linen-coated body, creating a pleasant atmosphere all around the space. The main co-working area also features LaLampa design lamps, completing the overall mood and atmosphere.